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  #1 DVDneXtCopy
  #2 1Click DVD Copy
  #3 123CopyDVD
  #4 DVD Cloner
  #5 SlySoft CloneDVD
  #6 DVD Fab
  #7 ICopyDVDs2

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neXt Tech:

The Most Advanced DVD Copying Software on the Market!

• Copy 10 DVDs to a
  Single Blu-Ray Disc
• Copy DVDs to DVD
• Copy DVDs to IPad
• Copy DVDs to iPod
• Copy DVDs to PSP
• Copy DVDs to PS3
• Copy DVDs to Zune
• Copy DVDs to Netbook
& much more...

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 EZ DVD Copy Software Box

Price - $39.95




EZ DVD Copy is a very nice software if you only have a CD Writer and are wanting to copy your DVDs to CDs. It also provides a lot of nice free software that allows you to copy video games, backup VHS to CD, and more. EZ DVD Copy has a built in css decrypter which is nice, allowing you to copy css encrypted and copyright movies.

Ease of use:

EZ DVD Copy is not near as easy to use as our top choices, but it is much easier than the software rated below it. It is actually easier to use than DVD Duplicator which we rated above it, but Duplicator will copy DVDs to CDs and DVDs whereas EZ DVD Copy will only copy DVDs to CDs.

Easy DVD Copy comes with step by step instructions and visuals on how to use their software. The software allows you to choose exactly what you want to include and exclude on the DVD copy.


The quality is good. Whenever you copy a DVD to CD, the quality is not going to be equal to that of a DVD, but it is still very good. To put it into perspective, you it is better than VHS.


We have found the support offered with EZ DVD Copy to be good. They have always been nice and courteous but have been slow to respond as of late.


EZ DVD Copy is one of the easiest DVD to CD copying software that we have used. The onscreen instructions and visuals are easy to follow, and it requires less steps than most other DVD to CD copying software. EZ DVD Copy also includes a lot of nice free software that may appeal to you. However, it doesn't compare to the ease of use and quality of our top choices. Another thing I dislike about a DVD to CD copying software is that in most cases you cannot fit the entire DVD onto one CD, it takes two. 

Included with EZ DVD Copy:

Limited time bonuses:

  • EZ Video Game Copy - A step-by-step guide to copy Xbox, PSX, PlayStation 2,  Dreamcast and even PC video games.
  • Get access to download all the movies you want on the Internet today! (Even titles that are still in theaters). They even show you how to find video games.
  • EZ VHS Copy will help you to convert all your old VHS movies to CD or DVD. No more clutter of tapes lying around.
  • With our comprehensive instructions, step by step guidance and screen shots you can record your favorite TV programs and movies on to CDs that you can watch on your PC or DVD Player. 
  • Receive a detailed instruction guide to transfer all of your old vinyl records or cassettes to CD.  All you need is your stereo equipment, PC and RCA cables. Start enjoying again the music you love, in your car or home with great sound quality.
  • Buy brand new popular DVDs and Video Game titles and new releases from wholesale sources for as low as $3.00. All DVDs and video games are brand new and are made by the actual manufacturers.

EZ DVD Copy features:

  • Copy DVD to CD
  • Copy DVD to VCD and SVCD
  • Copy CSS Encrypted Movies
  • Watch the Copy on Your Home DVD Player or Computer.
  • Copy a movie in less than an hour!
  • FREE ONE YEAR software updates.
  • FREE Helpdesk Support.
  • Available for instant download.
  • No DVD Burner required.
  • 100% 30 day Risk Free Guarantee!

Your Price - $39.95

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