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  #1 DVDneXtCopy
  #2 1Click DVD Copy
  #3 123CopyDVD
  #4 DVD Cloner
  #5 SlySoft CloneDVD
  #6 DVD Fab
  #7 ICopyDVDs2

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neXt Tech:

The Most Advanced DVD Copying Software on the Market!

• Copy 10 DVDs to a
  Single Blu-Ray Disc
• Copy DVDs to DVD
• Copy DVDs to IPad
• Copy DVDs to iPod
• Copy DVDs to PSP
• Copy DVDs to PS3
• Copy DVDs to Zune
• Copy DVDs to Netbook
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Price - $69.95



CloneDVD is an easy to use software that allows you to copy virtually any DVD to DVD, and movies that you have stored on your hard drive to DVD. You can copy all the special features, menus, subtitles, and languages included, or you can just choose to copy the movie itself & CloneDVD is now also able to compress a DVD-9 to a single disc.

Ease of use:

CloneDVD is not quite as easy to use as our some of our other choices, requiring approximately 3 steps, but in our opinion, its easy enough for anyone to use. For advanced users, CloneDVD allows for complete customization of your dvd allowing you to choose which titles you want to backup, which ones you want to leave out.


CloneDVD now supports copying any size DVD to a single DVD. Even when compressing larger DVD-9 discs the quality is excellent. And if you want you can choose to not compress the dvd at all and split the movie across two seperate discs for absolute perfect quality.


The support is as they say, which is a 1 to 2 business day turnaround. For me that's just too long, but unlike many others, they do get back with you and are very helpful.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, ME
  • Pentium II 450 MHz processor
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • Hard Drive free space of 10GB
  • DVD Burner (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW)
  • Blank DVD Media (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW)


This upgraded version of CloneDVD is quite nice and easy to use allowing you to copy your DVD movies to your hard drive or directly to DVD. Also nice is that it will now compress DVDs to a Single DVD and with excellent quality. 

It's not as easy to use as our top 4 choices and is considerably more expensive, but it does offer some nice features where you can choose to copy the whole DVD or you can copy the main movie only without the extras and special features. You can also completely customize your DVDs choosing exactly which features you want or do not want to place on your DVD. 

CloneDVD Features:

  • Real DVD clone
  • Copy DVD to a Single Disc
  • Copy all the Special Features, Menus, Subtitles & Languages, nothing to lost
  • Supports Copy-Protected DVDs
  • Supports both DVD-5 and DVD-9, allows you split DVD-9 to two blanks
  • Copy DVD movies to harddisk or directly to DVD
  • Perfect Video & Audio Quality - Just like the original!
  • High speed and quality. Copy your dvd movie in a very short time
  • Supports DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+R,DVD+RW
  • Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies
  • Playable in home DVD players
  • Free Trial allows you to copy 1 DVD
  • Free Live Technical Support
  • Free upgrades and patches
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Your Price - $69.95



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